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Terms and conditions to the use of the services offered by EnBus

The following clauses of use represent the "General Conditions" of use of the services offered by the Company PI LTDA., with Commerce Registration No. 00368095, located at 208 3rd inner ring, Ribera Building, between Alemana and Beni Ave., Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia.

"EnBUS", is a product of the company PI LTDA., a platform for the sale of bus and train tickets and other services related to traveling, on the webpage: www.enbus.com.bo, and at any of our digital platforms (through mobile devices such as IPhone®, Ipad®, Android®, etc., as well as websites and microsites) "EnBUS", both called "WEBSITE".

Any person authorized by law as a "Customer", and who uses the services of "EnBUS", must accept the Terms and Conditions of use and all the policies and principles in them.

The terms and conditions of use are indispensable and mandatory for the use of the services through the website.

The use of the services offered by "EnBUS" implies the authorization / consent of the clauses and their contents. This agreement constitutes an exclusive agreement between "EnBus" and the "Customer", hence substituting, all the agreements, representations and warranties or previous conversations related to "EnBUS", its contents and services offered through its website.


Any customer who is under 18 years of age may only register on our website if they are duly counselled by a responsible person or tutor under the law, and shall be responsible in the civil sphere for any act carried out by the minor, when using our page.

The legal representatives are also responsible, for any type of illicit act carried out by the minor when using our website.

If the "Customer" is under 12 years of age, he or she can only travel accompanied by an adult (21 years of age), being necessary the existence of a first degree of kinship between the two, in addition to an authorization power granted by the Children and Adolescent’s Defender’s offices, under the Municipal Self-Government and the instances requested by the law in the Plurinational State of Bolivia. In the absence of a degree of relatedness between the minor and his / her companion, it will be necessary to present a written authorization that allows the minor to travel by bus. The same authorization must be signed by the father or mother, guardian or tutor, in addition to an authorization power granted by the Children and Adolescent’s Defender’s office, under the Municipal Self-Government. The signature must have the recognition of the validity, and in case the minor travels alone, the person in charge shall request an authorization in the Family Court. The "Customer" under 12 years of age may travel only from the moment he has the required documents.

Important considerations

EnBus is a company, specialized in bus and train tickets sales on the internet for 7 and more destinations within the Plurinational State of Bolivia, offering comfort to people travelling with the major bus and train companies in the country, and other affiliated companies.

Select origin, destination, travel date and click on Search. You can find the main routes, prices and timetables available. With EnBus, travelling on bus or train is a lot easier! Buy your ticket today and visit the main destinations in the country. 

The "Customer" shall obtain bus and train tickets for the cities in which "EnBUS" offers travel routes. And he or she is fully aware that the company "EnBUS" does not have any responsibility after the ticket is issued in the bus terminal, be these situations related to damage and loss of luggage, travel accidents, detours from the route or any other damage that "EnBUS" does not act directly.


1.1 When making a purchase in "EnBUS" the customer automatically accepts all our terms and conditions of use explained in this document. In case the customer does not agree with our terms, he should not make any kind of purchase through our website and mobile apps.

1.2 "EnBUS" does not guarantee that its content is appropriate or available for other locations outside the Bolivian territory, it is also exempt from any type of responsibility when accessing our page from territories where the content is illegal; the responsibility of using it remains with the customer.

1.3 By accessing "EnBUS", the customer understands, acknowledges and accepts that its use is governed by the legal order of the Plurinational State of Bolivia in aspects related to its online activity and available content.

1.4 The information on the services is organized on our website clearly and concisely in Spanish, providing all the information about the types of travel and available tickets.

 1.5 The use of our website is private and restricted, it is forbidden the commercial use for profit from unauthorized third parties. It is also prohibited and protected by law, any use of our software and authorized system to extract information from our website in order to be displayed anywhere else in the world without the consent of the owners and customers.

1.6 "EnBUS" is committed to keeping our page active with all kinds of effort, 24 hours a day, without interruption, unless it is impossible to fully function or if the telecommunication or IT system is interrupted due to a major reason, including, due to its complexity, the dependence on telecommunication services provided by third parties, the reason why a perfect service is not guaranteed with no possibility of error.

1.7 "EnBUS" is free from any liability for any error or delay removing inappropriate, illegal or objectionable content that comes from a provider or third party through our page. The work team of the company can alter, at any time and without prior notice, the content and functions of our website.

1.8 Purchase of our services by the "Customer" will be concluded after making the payment with the responsible company managing such payment. "EnBUS" will not interfere in the results of the relationship between the customer and the responsible company, since the company manages its operations independently.

1.9 "EnBUS" does not guarantee that the service performed by the company responsible for the payments is free of errors, interruptions, malfunctions, delays or other types of imperfection. As well as it will not be responsible for managing the payment or for the impossibility of using our services. At the time of making the purchase, the customer will receive the policies of the company he has chosen to make his trip with.

1.10 "EnBUS" can alter at any point this instrument in order to improve our customer service and assistance. The new contract document would come into effect without affecting the services stipulated on the previous contract. Likewise, "EnBUS" recommends its customers to read more than once and carefully the terms and conditions before accessing our website or performing any type of operation through it.

1.11 "EnBUS" will take all possible measures to mantain confidentiality, security and secrecy of all customer’s information, however, it will not be liable for damages that are caused by the violation of these measures from third parties using the public network or Internet and breaking the security networks to access a customer’s information.

1.12 For this reason and concerned about the security and privacy of the information on our website, the company guarantees that all data of our customers are protected.

1.13 "EnBUS" is not responsible for any harm, damage or loss of the customer, caused by system or Internet failures subject to third parties; stressing that internet failures may eventually occur or any other type of major force and beyond our control.


2.1 The subject-matter of a contract relates to the ease of use across "EnBUS" to purchase bus and train travel tickets by customers.



3.1.2.  The customer registration is mandatory by e-mail or logging into a personal profile on the social network Facebook and Google+ to make the ticket purchase. This process will be possible following the steps described on our website.

3.2 When "EnBUS" allows it, the customer can register and take advantage of the different conditions offered to all those who have their page registration. The registration will be confirmed after completing the form with the requested information.

3.3 It is not allowed that a customer registers more than once, in such case, EnBUS will verify the data and later automatically remove all the duplicate records.

3.4 Every "Customer" under 18 years of age must have the permission of their parents or legal guardians to enter an e-mail or any information requested by the company on our website. All the information registered by the "customer" must be real, precise, concise and current. Should any modification occur, the customer acknowledges that "EnBUS" has no obligation to verify this information entered by the customer or any other person.

3.5 EnBUS "is not responsible for correcting the information entered by the customer. Thus, the customer, their parents or guardians are responsible for the authenticity of the personal data recorded.

3.6 The company "EnBUS" is committed to protecting customer information and in no way will transfer it without prior authorization. On the other hand, the customer recognizes the Internet as a worldwide network of computers that allow access for all types of people and does not guarantee being a safe place. When using our site, EnBUS is not responsible for damages of any kind caused by the loss of data of the registered customer or by problems caused by third parties directly or indirectly related to navigation on our website.

3.7 "EnBUS", may modify at its discretion all the requirements and requirements to keep our customers registered on the website. In this way the company may cancel the customer's registration, regardless of the payment of fines or compensation with due justifications.

3.8 Each customer has the right to rectify the data sent to "EnBUS" when registering on the page. However, the right of rectification of the customer does not replace the right that "EnBUS" has in requesting compensation if the incorrectly registered information produces any damage to the company or to third parties, in a perior prior to the rectification made by the user.


4.1 When the customer is registered and consequently aware of the news, new promotions and discounts of EnBus, he o she is free to request the nullification or cancellation of their REGISTRATION from our database at any time, as long as, they send their request to the following e-mail address: registro@enbus.com.bo


To make the purchase of your tickets through "EnBUS", follow the instructions below:

5.1 First required data:

5.1.1 First, fill in the spaces that refer to place of origin, destination, date of travel and number of tickets.

5.1.2 After completing the information, the customer must choose a bus line available on our page with available timetables and prices for the purchase.

5.2 Purchase of seats

5.2.1 Every "CUSTOMER" can buy their seats on our page, however "EnBUS" is not responsible for the incorrect information that can be registered after selecting the seat. In this case, customers are aware of the authenticity and accuracy of the personal information registered. 

5.2.2 The seats will be chosen prior to the payment of the ticket. In cases where the payment is not made, the seat(s) will be canceled and be available again to be purchased by other customers.

5.2.3 The ticket must have the passenger’s name that will travel, who must present an official photo identification card at the counter of the transport company.

5.3 Payment of the ticket

5.3.1 The "CUSTOMER" must fill in all their information correctly to be able to buy a ticket and to check their purchase through the credit and debit card operator by the EnBus internal team and by the fraud protection team. 

5.3.2 The company is not responsible for incorrect information, or a possible disapproval of the customer after the requested documents have been analyzed.

5.4 Purchase confirmation

5.4.1 To have the transaction confirmed, an e-mail will be sent indicating the approval of the process and the transaction voucher. In the event that the e-mail does not arrive, you should check the electronic trash (SPAM or e-mail notifications).

5.4.2 For more information about your purchase, you can contact our customer service line +591 75684772.

5.5 Purchases with pending revisions

5.5.1 When the process is completed, the customer will receive an e-mail confirming the purchase along with their attached ticket(s) in a PDF format to download or print, thus ensure boarding.

5.6 Purchases not approved

5.6.1 If a purchase was not approved by our internal system, either by the information provided or by credit / debit card processes (or internal policies to which EnBUS does not have access), will be automatically canceled and the information about the not approved transaction will be available in the payments section.

5.7 Purchases that were not completed

5.7.1 In case the customer does not manage to complete their purchase, the amount of the transaction will not be charged and the seats will not be purchased.

5.8 About printing the receipt 

5.8.1 Once the purchase is completed, the customer will receive an ATC e-mail confirmation of the transaction, and a second e-mail confirmation from about the receipt of the invoice for the purchase and an electronic ticket of the tickets you have purchased with all the information about your trip and the transport company that will allow you to redeem your ticket and invoice at the departure terminal. The "Customer" must download or print the electronic ticket with the code assigned and show at the check-in counter. It is worth mentioning that once the approved receipt is shown, the bus or train company selected will give you the ticket / invoice at their check-in counter.

5.8.2 IMPORTANT: There is no need to printing in the counter of any bus terminal.

5.9 Changes in tickets

5.9.1 Every customer can request changes in date and schedule, only and exclusively at the check-in counter of the transportation company that was chosen to travel, up to a minimum of six hours before the time of travel.

5.9.2 It is not possible to make changes in dates and times of the ticket via telephone or Internet in our company (EnBus).

5.10 About the service rate

5.10.1 Each and every purchase made within the enbus.com.bo website will receive an electronic invoice for a purchase management service, which is explicitly detailed at the moment of making the electronic purchase.


6.1 Credit and Debit cards

6.1.1 "EnBUS" accepts the following credit and debit cards: VISA and MASTERCARD. "EnBUS" will charge the amount of the "Customer" credit or debit card immediately after the "Customer" accepts the transaction by clicking the button "Buy Now".


7.1 All transactions carried out will go through analysis and internal approval by the company that provides the payment gateway "Pagonet" and ATC. In case the approval is confirmed, the customer will immediately receive proof of purchase of his ticket.

7.2 "EnBUS" does not guarantee in any way that the services provided by the company responsible for managing the payment will work without errors, interruptions, or malfunctions, delays or any other type of imperfection.

7.3 Purchases made by credit card can be analyzed in a period of up to eight hours by Pagonet and ATC.


The user may select the currency he or she wishes to make the payment of the ticket(s), the available options are: Bs Bolivian pesos, USD US dollars, and Euros. This option will be available in the upper left bar of the results menu after clicking on the "Search Tickets" button.

All payments will be made in Bolivian pesos. The exchange rate taken into consideration for the translation of Bolivian pesos to US dollars or euros, will be the average selling exchange rate at the closing of the previous business day.

The rates in US dollars and Euros shown have been converted using various public sources and should only be used as references. The companies, allies and affiliates of EnBus and/or our respective suppliers do not guarantee the value accuracy of the currencies. For any financial purpose, the user is advised to consult a qualified professional to verify the accuracy of the exchange rate. The issuing bank of the payment could generate additional charges to collect in foreign currency.


Dear passenger, make sure to read and consider the following conditions to pay the bus tickets on stores. 

For questions or comments, call toll free via WhatsApp to +591 75684772, or write to soporte@enbus.com.bo

We remind you that the availability of selected seats through payment in store or bank is not guaranteed and may vary according to the time elapsed between the selection of the seat and the time of payment or deposit.

The payment order is effective for 6 hours from the moment you click the button Buy Now / Reserve Now. To make the payment or deposit of the selected tickets, EnBus is not responsible for payments made outside the validity shown in the payment order.

The payment instructions come solely from the EnBus system or its suppliers (via e-mail and automatically reaching the address provided to us) and must be printed in order to make the payment at the selected store; any other instructions or receipt issued by some other external means will not be recognized as valid.

The transfer of tickets is not possible within the EnBus system, in case the selected seat has been occupied, the selected transport company will proceed to change the seat number(s) within the same bus, if the bus is at maximum capacity, the passenger will be reschedule to a different timetable with available space; if the customer decides not to travel under any of the options offered, there will be a cancellation only if the customer expresses his or her decision to the transport company within the 6 hours given by EnBus, and has the original payment receipt in good conditions that proves the date and time of the deposit.

For any payment in a store, collection point or establishment, the maximum time of comfirmation is 6 hours.

To make the purchase valid, it will be necessary that the final purchaser has paid the exact amount, and the reference provided.

Read carefully the terms and conditions of the store where you will make the payment/deposit of your bus tickets, double check the shop's service times, and for any clarification or error in the system, keep your note or payment receipt.

For any clarification, keep your payment receipt.

The payment order is effective for 6 hours to do the payment or deposit for the selected tickets, EnBUS is not responsible for payments made outside the validity period in the payment order. We recommend making the payment before the 6-hour period prescribed.



Payment in PAGOSNET

You can pay for your bus tickets at any of the more than 3,000 collecting and payment points throughout Bolivia, which include all the Pharmacies of the Farmacorp chain and Wistupiku stores.

Printing the payment order is not necessary for the operation.

The maximum amount to pay is 4,000 BS per transaction. Only cash payments are received.

The schedule laid down for payments is Monday to Sunday, from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, whether it is a holiday or not.

A fee of 2 BS is charged for each transaction of 200 BS made instore.


10.1 The hold luggage allows 20 kg weight or half a cubic meter in volume. In the case of exceeding the limit, the passenger must pay the additional amount stated by the operator or transport company, who will extend in turn the Excess Baggage Guide, which is constituted as a tax credit (invoice) in favor of the passenger.

10.2 The time for submission at the departure terminal must be at least 30 minutes before the bus leaves.

10.3 The hand luggage size should fit in the overhead compartments of the bus.

10.4 Taking care of hand luggage is the passenger’s responsibility.

10.5 If the luggage that is transported in the baggage compartments contains valuable objects, the passenger must declare the content and/or the economic value in the entry form.

Enbus is not responsible for the loss or damage of passengers' luggage. Each bus and/or train company has its own customer service policy.


11.1 The customer agrees that the website, as well as the logos, brands, badges, descriptions, texts or any other material that are part of the site belong, under copyright law, to EnBUS and its owners, such rights would be protected by the national and international legislation on intellectual property. Accordingly, at any time customers shall not fight or claim property rights over these elements as if they belonged to them.

11.2. Enbus collaborators are referred to the owners of photographs and notes in the Web App, which are the author's copyrighted material, and which are disclosed to Enbus to fulfill a certain purpose; any other type of use should be consulted with the author/collaborator under this modality previously established. In such cases, the name of the author and/or the source will be credited.

11.3 It is expressly forbidden for the customer to reproduce, distribute, modify, display, or create employment from any form that includes the use of content present and published or not on our website, considered as property of the company.


12.1 By purchasing a ticket and making the payment through our page, the customer demonstrates to be aware and in accordance with all the terms and conditions of delivery and information about the product or service purchased in accordance with the aforementioned provisions.

12.2 "EnBUS" is not responsible for the extra expenses related to transportation if necessary.

12.3 Regarding the links to other pages; we recommend our customers to consult the terms of use of Policies and Privacy Terms of each of the pages visited. Our company does not control or represent companies that have a link on our site. EnBUS makes these links available to the customer for greater comfort and entertainment options for the customer, however, we are not responsible for any type of problem originated in these websites, which must be resolved with the owners of those companies without the participation of EnBus in the process.

12.4 Any undue alteration of information or data, violation of industrial property rights or copyright or violation of the rights of third parties (including children), threatening messages, racist or pornographic content or an attempt to interfere or interrupt the service provided by the page as well as spreading viruses or unwanted programs, will lead to a complete breakdown in the relationship between EnBUS and the CUSTOMER.

In accordance with the provisions of the clauses explained above, the customer agrees that all types of information transmitted, answers to questions, including those that are excluded from the page without prior communication to the customer according to EnBUS criteria, will have a copy in our archives for any type of providence, without discarding legal measures if necessary.

This provision aims to safeguard the interests of customers, as well as the society without letting aside the risks related to illegal practices or contrary to local customs and practices.

If in any doubt about the contents explained, please contact us:

"EnBUS" Address: 208 3rd inner ring, Ribera Building, between Alemana and Beni Ave., Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia.

Customer service phone number through WhatsApp: +591 75684772 (Monday to Sunday, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.)

This contract is superior to any type of verbal or written agreements previously made by both parties, especially those related to the use of the page by the customer.

The customer or as the case may be, parent or legal guardian, acknowledges having read, analyzed and accepted in an integral manner each of the conditions set out above, committing to fulfill them in its entirety.


The customer will be given a digital invoice, by PI LTDA., corresponding to the use of the digital platform.

To be able to check the ticket purchase, you must present the digital invoice at the counter of the transport company with which you will make your trip, before boarding the bus. This way you can receive your ticket (s) and corresponding invoice.


The only official sales channels of EnBus Tickets are: our website: https://www.enbus.com.bo. The customer service number is +591 75684772.

IMPORTANT: The sale of tickets posted on social networks outside the official socialnetworks of EnBUS, for example; Twitter or Facebook are considered FRAUD and "EnBUS" is not responsible for purchases acquired through these means (counting other social networks) since these means are only used to provide information and / or promotions to our customers.

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